Inspired by Dad

Vaughn Trading Co. was created to honor and celebrate my Dad’s legacy.
Born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK he was a self-taught musician, who mastered it all. I have vivid memories of my Dad’s favorite spot in the house, his music room, which we called the “Jam Room”. After a hard days work we could always find him in his Jam Room with a guitar in hand.
That little music room he built holds more than shag carpet and amps; it holds our hearts, our memories, and our love.

Inspired by Dad’s passion and creativity, I found my own passion for crafting candles, which has become an outlet for grief and healing.

Scent is closely linked to memory, which is why our flagship candle is Jam Room, inspired by Dad.

Hi, I'm Heather!

CEO, Scent Curator, Candle Maker, & Janitor - Vaughn Trading Co.

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